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      FULL REEL Ads & Promos
      FULL REEL Games & Characters
      FULL REEL Music Ads (Jason Derulo, Little Mix, DnB)
      FULL REEL TV Promos & Trailers
      COMMERCIAL Wilkinson Sword (confident, natural, girl next door)
      COMMERCIAL MTV Trax app (cool, teen, popculture)
      COMMERCIAL Shpock TVC (hard sell, friendly, upbeat)
      COMMERCIAL Eurolines (gossipy, chatty)
      TRAILER Cartoon (bright, playful, fun)
      TRAILER Reality TV (drama, sensitive, melancholy)
      TRAILER Kids TV (young girl)
      TRAILER Eastenders (cool, down to earth, drama)
      GAMES/CHARACTERS Stranger Things
      GAMES/CHARACTERS Speed & Space
      CHART SHOW TV (friendly, pop-culture host)
      E-LEARNING languages (student clear, measured)
      CORPORATE marketing reel (informed, knowing, credible)
      TV Continuity (natural, presenter)

Narrator and all characters in this hit podcast series are played by Ellie and her dad, Paul

Youthful voice with a vocal range of twenty-something, teen and younger.

*Commercial clients including Wilkinson Sword, Pass N Go, Top of the Pops Magazine, Easy Nails, Shpock and Disney. Music ads including Little Mix and Jason Derulo.
*TV continuity writer/announcer/editor experience.
*Available in London, Bristol, Cardiff + own home studio